Champion Weststar's Frozen Assests
- Chilly -
CERF - Normal
Thyroid (TgAA)
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Special thanks to Denise Hines of Weststar Shelties for allowing Chilly to stay at
Caprock! Chilly has a beautiful, clean headpiece and a wonderful eye! We are very
excited about this little guy!

Chilly is now living in Florida and is a Junior's dog.

***Chilly goes WD at the Baytown SSC under Sue Healy - 2 Points***
***Chilly goes RWD at the Houston SSC under Guy Jeavons - 4 Point Reserve***
***Chilly goes WD at the Greater Ft Worth SSC under Patty Skinner - 4 Points***
***Chilly goes WD at the Lawton, OK show - 1 Point***
***Chilly goes RWD at the NE Oklahoma SSC under Alice Inman - 4 Point Reserve***
***Chilly goes WD at the Conroe show - 1 Point***
***Chilly goes WD/BOS over specials at the Ft Worth show - 1 point***
***Chilly goes WD at the Shreveport shows - 1 point***
***Chilly goes WD/BOS at the Lafayette shows - 2 points***
***Chilly goes WD/BOW at Houston KC shows under Michelle Billings - 4 Points***
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