Champion Karosel's Angel in the Outfield
- Angel -
Angel has made herself right at home! She came to visit Caprock with 5 points and
very quickly picked up her first major and some more singles. Angel has multiple
Sweeps wins, BOBs, and a Group placement. Huge thanks to Denise Hines for
sharing this beautiful girl!
Angel is waiting for her new coat - look for in the Fall!
Angel finished her first day back in the ring with a 4 point major to finish!!!!


Ch Karosel Drakkar   x   Ch Karosel Flower Child
8/19/06: Memphis KC - WB/BOS - 1 Point
9/3/06: Vicksburg KC of Mississippi - WB/BOS/BPY - 2 Points
9/28/06: Heart of the Plains KC - WB/BOW/BOS - 2 Points
2/25/07: NW Louisiana SSC - Runner-up to Best in Sweeps
3/23/07 :Trinity Valley SSC - Best Female in Sweeps
4/7/07: SSC of Gr. Fort Worth - Best in Sweeps/RWB major
4/8/07: SSC of Gr. Fort Worth - Best in Sweeps
4/15/07: Stephenville KC - WB/BOW/BOB - 1 Point
4/22/07: D'Arbonne KC - WB/BOS - 4 Points
4/29/07: Big Spring KC - WB/BOS - 1 Point
5/18/07: Greater Kansas City SSC - BOS in Sweeps
Summer coat blow!
12/7/07: Panhandle KC - RWB major
12/16/07: Elk City KC - WB/BOW/BOB/Group 4 - 1 Point
Sitting out for a new coat! BUT, her first time back out:
8/29/08: - Bayou KC - WB/BOS - 4 Points to FINISH
8/30/08: - Bayou KC - BOS
8/31/08: - Vicksburg KC of Mississippi - BOS
Angel's Show Record:
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OFA - Good
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Thyroid (TgAA)
Normal (Negative)
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